FAQ, Policies, and Jewelry Care

Where are you located?
Rocky Lemonade is located in Saint Louis, Missouri. 
How long until my order is shipped out and delivered?
Your order will be packaged and shipped within 1-2 business days. After that, shipping can take anywhere from 3-5 business days depending on where you're located. (Also weather depending ).
International orders can take up to 15 business days to be delivered.
We deliver using USPS.
How will I know where my package is/ when it will be delivered?
You will be provided with a tracking number after you place your order, which will be emailed to you. (This will be separate from the order confirmation email!)
What payments do you take?
PayPal and most Credit Card payments welcome here! 
-We do not accept returns, or exchanges on any orders. All items are made, packaged and delivered with care. You have 24 hours after order placement to contact us for a cancellation, as long as your order has not been shipped.
-Insurance is included with every order, so if your package is lost or damaged during shipping we can issue a refund or exchange. This is only if you can provide us with a PHOTO of the damaged item! 
-We are not responsible if your order does not fit. We provide exact measurements on our website to ensure that you know what you're receiving.
➸ Please understand that most of our jewelry is made using unique crystals and gemstones, therefor no two gemstones are exactly alike. We would never send you a bad, or ugly crystal.
How to care for your jewelry:
All jewelry can tarnish over time if it is not taken care of properly. 
Tarnishing of the plated or metal jewelry can be easily caused because of reaction taking place with materials like perfume, oil, nail polish, chlorine and nail polish remover. Sweat can cause this problem too, therefore it is necessary to remove such jewelry items when swimming, showering, or exercising.
You can clean your jewelry regularly with many at home remedies, or with any jewelry cleaner. ☺
Here's our jewelry cleaning method:
Things you'll need:
-A small bowl or plate
-Toothpaste (any kind works)
-A cheap toothbrush
-A towel
1. Place tarnished jewelry in your small bowl/plate or in the palm of your hand. If your jewelry has a crystal pendant attached, remove it from the chain temporarily if possible.
2. Put a good amount of toothpaste on the toothbrush, and begin scrubbing the tarnished jewelry. Do this for 30 seconds or so.
3. Rinse your jewelry in a small bowl and dry it immediately and COMPLETELY! We recommend placing the jewelry between a towel and patting it until dry.
4. TA DA! Your jewelry should look as good as new! Make sure you keep your jewelry in a clean, dry area. Sometimes doing things like leaving your jewelry in the bathroom while you shower can cause it to tarnish from the humidity.