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  • How To Be Happy & Live A Happy Life

     One thing we all want, deep down, is true happiness. We all want to know how to be happy, and how to stay happy. We all want to live a happy life.

    Most of us are often looking for happiness in outside sources, or waiting for the future to be truly happy. We say excuses in our heads like, "I'll be happy when my relationship is better", "I'll be happy when I am successful", "I'll be happy when I move out", or "I'll be happy when I finally start my career". We also use things like shopping, and eating out to try and fill that lack of happiness.

    The key to happiness is not in material things, and it is not in outside circumstances. The key to happiness is within YOU, and you only. 


    You must CHOOSE to be happy. Once you acknowledge that WE are in control of our own emotions and how we feel inside, then you are ready to make a change. Tell yourself that you are ready to make the necessary changes in your life and also in your mind. You are ready to CHOOSE happiness. DO IT!

    Now that you have chosen the route of happiness, here are some steps on how to be happy, how to stay happy, and how to raise those vibrations!



    How to be happy & live a happy life - be present!


    Be in the present moment, at all times. What are you doing right now? Relaxing in bed on your phone, reading this post on how to be happy? Feel that with everything inside you. ENJOY being in this present moment. Stop worrying about the past, and the future. Be in this very moment, and love it. When you go outside, let the warm sun hit your face and soak it all in. Feel it! BE PRESENT! Enjoy each and every moment. You are guaranteed to live a happy life!



    How to be happy & live a happy life - do what makes your soul happy!


    Do what you love, and love what you do! Go to the park and breathe in the fresh air. Read a book that benefits you and makes you feel good. If you are not in the mood to do your homework, then put it down and go do something you love, and come back to it when you're feeling better.

    This also ties into your career choice. Whether you're self employed, or going to school to get a degree, make sure you are ONLY doing what you truly love. Find your life purpose, and LIVE IT! This is so very important. As long as you are doing what you love, you will forever be successful and live in abundance. Anything is possible, don't ever let fear hold you back from true happiness.



    How to be happy & live a happy life - Love Yourself!


    SELF LOVE IS THE GREATEST MEDICINE! This may take some time, but start today. A lot of us look in the mirror in disgust. We don't like our nose, our body, our laugh. But our physical bodies- made of only matter: are just shells. They are just shells covering our true self, our beautiful souls.

    Each and every one of is unique. We see Instagram models and double tap their photos because, why? They're beautiful right? Deep down, you may want to look like them, be like them, live like them. We change our makeup, our outfits, our hair, our personality. While these things are totally OK and make life more fun, make sure that you are only trying to become a better version of your unique & beautiful self.

    Look in the mirror, and say something nice to yourself. Tell yourself you have nice legs, because YA DO! Over time, things will change. Realize your worth babe, you are one of a kind!



    How to be happy & live a happy life - Take care of your shell!


    Our bodies are the "shell" for our souls, and we must take care of them! It's the only one you've got. Three words- FOOD IS FUEL. Feed yourself foods that will make your body feel good and energized! How can your soul dance around when your body is too tired from all of those Cheezits you just ate? Go make your poor, nutrient lacking body a green smoothie, and dance along with it! It is OK to snack. We at RL love vegan cookies & pizza occasionally, but we focus mostly on a plant based diet!

    Another way to take care of your body, is through exercise. Personally, I don't enjoy the gym, and barley enjoy lifting weights. I enjoy bike rides, adventures, and yoga! Find what works for you, and do it! Remember, only do what makes ya happy!



    How to be happy & live a happy life - Great friends


    Surround yourself with people who lift you up, and help you to become your greatest version! If someone brings you down, separate yourself from them, and keep doing you! The only thing that matters is your happiness & self growth. Don't let anyone stand in your way! Make new friends that you can discuss the infinite universe with, and hopefully you can share with them how to be happy!



    How to be happy & live a happy life - Just love


    Love is the greatest power in the universe! Practice control in your mind. Stop judging, and start loving. Love all of those around you, and see God in all. After all, we are all Gods- but that's another story. If someone gets you angry, take a deep breath and let it go.

    The way one acts is only a reflection of how they feel inside. Give love, feel love, just LOVE! After all, it is the greatest power in the universe :) A life full of love = a happy life. 


    We suggest writing these down in your notes for a daily reminder on how to be happy! ♥

    Until next time, Goddesses!

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